Bristol Naked Bike Ride 2013

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Always a popular event round these parts, Saturday 15 June 2013 sees the return of Bristol’s annual Naked Bike Ride.A celebration of the unfettered and unclothed joy of cycling, a protest against a culture that considers it abnormal to travel without an unwieldy metal exoskeleton, a powerful statement about the vulnerability of cyclists, and an excuse to outrage the prudes – it’s all of these things and more. Nudity is optional, with a policy of “as bare as you dare”.

Meet at 1pm at the appropriately-named Full Moon Pub on North Road, Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1. There will be body painting, flags & banners, horns to sound and whistles to blow.

The route will be 4 miles of family friendly riding through Bristol City Centre, ending up back at The Full Moon.

Please email Caroline at for more info, join the BWNBR group on Facebook, or follow the blog at

9 thoughts on “Bristol Naked Bike Ride 2013

  1. Hi Caroline can you advise me of the nearest bike shop to the starting point that i maybe able to hire a bike.

  2. I was just wondering if you needed a good photographer on that day for the naked bike ride, and I would like to join in.

    yours faithfully Andy. ( Snappy-Andy)

  3. On hearing of this “Naked Bike Ride” a feeling of shame has overwhelmed me. Is this what our society has come to? Traipsing around naked in front of young children in the apparently “Family Friendly” exercise. “As bare as you dare”? Not only is this damaging to young children but also encourages indecent behaviour. If you have a shred of dignity, atleast respect the rights of others who do not wish to be exposed to such an eyesore.

    A respectable cyclist

  4. First and foremost we are naked animals, Lisa. What studies do you know of where children have been ‘damaged’ by the sight of humans in their natural form?

  5. Precisely the Victorian attitude that leads to ignorance, disease and sex crimes. Sad.

  6. I have to agree guys. I firmly believe that our children follow Us. If we are concerned about something, we only pass on those concerns to our younglings.

    If we see a group of naked cyclists out riding, (as me and my then 4 and 6 yr old girls did in Cardiff 3 yrs ago), react with smiles and casual, to the point explanations, if asked for. If we don’t make a big thing out of something, it won’t be a big deal for them.

    It’s not science of a rockety nature.

    Regards, Maz.

  7. Lisa-Jane,

    It’s attitudes like yours that are far more damaging to children.

    There is nothing obscene or indecent about the human body. We’ve all got one, after all.

  8. Lisa:
    Can you please explain exactly how seeing the naked bike ride ‘damages’ children? As has been said on here, it is, obviously, how you interpret anything to your children which is potentially damaging. YOU were ‘overcome with shame’ – why? It’s your shame which is damaged and damaging. You need to look at your own conditioning to begin to understand this, and attempt to avoid passing this disability on to any children you may have influence over. It’s this kind of repression which is damaging to children, not naked bodies.

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