I remember the first time I heard about Bristol Cycle Festival – my friend invited me to Two Wheel Drive in screening of Point Break. A cheap night out, a chance to ride my bike which I recently hoiked out of my parents garage, dusted off and carted it back to Bristol so I could get to work quicker in the mornings. Why not? 

So there we were, me and my friend who lived in the flat underneath mine, in the gathering gloom with a throng of other cyclists. Pootling  along the gorge to a hidden location, in the dark, in amongst a crowd of friendly folk, trying to stick close to the mountain biker in front with the really good lights. We arrived, locked up our bikes and perched on picnic blankets and railway sleepers. It felt like we were among old friends,  we were shared film quotes, guffawed at the terrible lines, and by the end of it had our own collection of private jokes with the people we’d sat next to. It was a great night. 

At this point in my life, I certainly didn’t consider myself a cyclist or part of the cycling community, I was just a girl who had a bike to get her to work. The following year I rocked up to a planning meeting and got involved as a volunteer, and made a whole new world of friends in Bristol. You know those proactive, can do, sort of friends that invite you to mad parties at the drop of a hat and always fully commit to fancy dress, those life is for the living type of friends. In the following years I went on to be an event organiser, then joined the committee running the shebang. It seems the good vibes from that first taste of Bristol Cycle Festival propelled me all the way to here, typing away to you as the Festival Producer. 

Now if you’ve been to one our brilliant, biketastic events before and thought, hmm they’re are a good crowd those Bristol Cycle Festival lot – now’s your chance to get even closer to the action. If you’re new to the city and want to plug yourself in to the cycling scene – its a peachy way to go. Or you’re just intrigued with a bit of time of your hands, fantastic! Because we’ve got some fab rides, talks, workshops, screenings and even dating events – we need crew members to make it happen, to keep folk safe, let people know whats going on, and make sure everyone is having a joyous time on their bicycle. You can help on many events or choose just one to throw your heart and soul into. Our event organisers will delighted with any help you can give. 

Sign up here: http://signup.com/go/KxNeZDZ and let us know your availability – the event organisers will then be in touch directly to confirm details with you. See you there! Its gonna be great. You’re going to be part of Bristol Cycle Festival, together we’re going to make this happen!