Its Your Chance to Win! Complete our feedback form by Friday Sept 29th
Prizes confirmed so far: Coffee for 2 at Roll for the Soul, selection of cider from Bristol Cider Shop, 2 hour Mountain Bike Hire from Pedal Progression at Ashton Court… this page will be updated as other prizes roll in.

Here’s the link:
Or pick up a Feedback Card at one of our events and do it the old fashioned way

Why oh why must I fill in form – I like my bike, I like you guys, but really more customer feedback!?

Well you don’t have to at all, but we’d so appreciate it if you did. In 2016 Bristol Cycle Festival didn’t happen and we want to make sure that we can keep having it each year. Getting funding is the key thing, and so we need to see if people attending the festival are likely to increase or maintain their levels of cycling. Our vision for the future of the festival is that we become more representative of the cyclists of Bristol and Bristol as a whole, so this year we’re collecting info so have what is called baseline data, so that in coming years we can see how we’re improving.

Bicycles as a vehicle for social justice is truly important – it gives us freedom, saves us time & money, and benefits our health and ability to move round the city, in a way that doesn’t harm planet and human. We want to use the festival to reach even more people and instil the love of bike into their hearts, and we may not be reaching those people yet – we’re curious to see what we find out.

What will you do with my precious data? It will go into an anonymised mega-spreadsheet. If you completed a hard copy we will keep the cards long enough to do the prize drawer and add you to our newsletter if you opted in on that. After that we will shred the cards. For those filling it online – there wasn’t an option to add you to our newsletter list – why? Cos we can only ask 10 questions on Survey Monkey before they start charging!

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