Vintage Velo

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An antidote to the follies of modern cycling, the Vintage Velo is a relaxed jaunt along a scenic route to mystery destination, with some games, entertainment, prizes and food thrown in.

It takes place on Sunday 18th May and you can snag yourself a ticket at

Starting as a more Southwesterly take on London’s legendary Tweed Run, it’s quickly become one of our most popular events, with over 100 participants enjoying the fun. It’s one of our few ticketed events, and all proceeds are recycled back into the festival.

Previous editions have featured stately homes, village halls, rolling country roads and leafy Edwardian suburbs. There is no “dress code” per sé, and the definition of “vintage” is left to you, but making an effort is appreciated (and essential, if you wish to win the coveted Dapper Chap or Chapess award)

You can get a flavour of previous editions by visiting the Vintage Velo Blog and watching this rather spiffing video.

Vintage Velo – Bristol Cycle Festival 2013 from Stick in Mind on Vimeo.

And if that doesn’t whet your appetite, here’s a short film of our inaugural event.

3 thoughts on “Vintage Velo

  1. Keep me posted. Jolly wet last year but rather splendid fun. I think the saddles has dried out now and I’m keen to do it again, chaps.

  2. I came across this swarm of time travelling cyclists in Sunday’s sweltering sun. What a simply splendid sight you all were. Congratulations on a fine effort.
    Now I must dig out my moustache wax . If only I could grow a moustache by next year.

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